Ruth Adler Schnee: A Passion for Color and Design

College Park, MD, 2010

This exhibition pays tribute to this important figure, exploring her life, her work, and the challenges she faced as a woman designer. Schnee, who has been called a "Detroit Treasure," helped to bring the Mid-Century Modern movement to Michigan. Her work has been shown by the Detroit Institute of Arts and collected by the Archives of American Art. A film documentary The Radiant Sun produced in conjunction with this exhibit will be shown in the gallery.

The exhibit design for the Kibel Gallery is a collaboration between three generations of women designers, Mercedes Afshar (M. Arch. 2010), Ronit Eisenbach (Architecture faculty) and Ruth Adler Schnee. Professor Eisenbach also co-produced the film documentary, which was directed and edited by Terri Sarris, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Screen Arts and Cultures at the University of Michigan.

Partners: Mercedes Afshar, Designer; Terri Sarris, Director & Editor; Michael Starghill, photographer