Ronald F. Titus Digital Studio

University of Detroit Mercy, 1997

This award-winning project was the first phase of the School of Architecture renovation plan to be constructed. Nestled within the existing masonry structure, this design for the Ronald F. Titus Digital Studio sought to support the goals of the masterplan and employ the building itself to enhance the school’s pedagogical objectives. Located on the “Main Street” of the school, the Digital Studio supports student inquiry through detailing frame infrastructure and exposing material connections. The lab was designed at a time when labs were in basements, before wireless connections, laptops, LCD projectors were affordable and typical labs were organized with rows of desks. Computers lined the walls and the center of the room was left open for a conference table to encourage conversation which was seen as a radical departure.


Partners: Design & Construction Team: Monica Wyatt-Hinchman, John Hinchman, Karen M'Closkey, Jeff Royer, Keith van der Sys; Structural Design: Christopher Sullivan & Aldo Colandrea; Mechanical & Electrical: Albert Khan Associates