Mediation Office

Rockville, MD, 2006

“We see clients as they are going through one of the most difficult transitions in their lives. …They are mourning the loss of their marriage in much the same way that people mourn the loss of a loved one who has died. …Clients will say to us, ‘I look forward to coming here because it’s so beautiful.’ Some have asked us for the specific color identification numbers, so they can use these colors in their post-separation new residences.”

Inspired by Mandela and deClerk’s historic handshake and the idea that if these two men could come to an agreement so could most other people, a lawyer chose to forego a practice in litigation and open his own mediation office. Intent on creating a conducive environment for this work, he invited Ronit Eisenbach to focus exclusively on color (architecture by another practitioner). Eisenbach researched and experimented with color combinations that would promote a sense of place, open discussion and compromise.