Mapping Shadows

Galleri Rom, Oslo, Norway, 1993

The worlds of experience and representation intersect in this installation (at the Galleri Rom for Arkitektur in Oslo, Norway). In Gamle Byen, Oslo's edge neighborhood, we found a site where modern systems of infrastructure cut into the history and life of the city. It is a place where the representation of the city described in its maps are intermingled with the shadows of past and present time. The work proceeded from the attempt to find a space between these two aspects; between the many maps that have been inscribed upon this part of the city and the shadows that can be found upon its surface. For just as the map indicates a space, it is also without time. The shadow, on the other hand, is of the moment. It exists in time and is always caught between one moment and the next.

Partners: Dan Hoffman and workshop participants at the Institut for RomKunst, Oslo, Norway