Surfacing: Trapped in Amber, a proposal for Lake Anne Plaza, Reston, VA 2012

Surfacing is an installation/performance project that developed out of a proposal for Lake Anne Plaza in Reston, Virginia entitled Trapped in Amber. These two related projects explore connections between bodies of water and bodies in motion to reveal and frame past and present stories in place. Trapped in Amber adds vertical elements to the primarily horizontal spatial dynamic of Out of Place (Reston, Spring 2012). In this work, Lake Anne's planar surface is marked by an array of rectangular floating elements linked to one another and the harbor's edges with ropes and pulleys. A series of vertical lines dropping from the harbor wall would offer a counterpoint to this horizontal motion. As darkness falls, we envisioned dancers pulling these lines to draw the glowing vessels out of the water and site them around the plaza. As the audience gathers around to inspect the vessels, they would discover archival images and texts—fragments of Reston’s past—embedded into their surfaces and provoking inquiry into this planned town's origins.

Concept Drawings: Ronit Eisenbach