Long Branch, MD, 2013 - 2017

Inspired by the Long Branch’s ever-present Pupusa trucks, we envisioned that our custom PlanVan would migrate throughout the neighborhood activating under-utilized neighborhood spaces to reach people who are unlikely to participate in the planning process. Watch the video to learn more.

Intersecting with the County’s planning process, MTA’s Art in Transit Program and supported by Dance Exchange and UMD faculty, PlanVan’s popup public living room can offer spaces and opportunities for stakeholders to share stories of what the community means to them and begin to craft a shared vision for their future.

Partners: Edgar Alvarado, Designer; Creative Partners: Gerrit Knaap and the UMD National Center for Smart Growth, Willow Lung-Amam and the School of Architecture, Planning & Preservation, Long Branch Business League, Montgomery Housing Partnership, Cassie Meador and Dance Exchange, Erica Ginsberg, Docs In Progress, Evan Glass, Gandhi Brigade, Reemberto Rodriguez, Montgomery County