Haifa, Israel, December 2016 - April 2017

Eisenbach led a bi-national team that designed HOT/COLD, for the Holiday of Holiday Festival in Haifa, Israel, celebrating Christmas, Chanukah and Ramadan. HOT/COLD was commissioned by Beit Hagefen, an arts and cultural organization founded in the ’60’s whose mission is to promote tolerance and build a shared society. The project was divided into two parts; an exterior and an interior exhibit. The exterior exhibit extended onto Tzionut Street, which separates the gallery from the Wadi and the other two Beit Hagefen buildings. HOT/COLD’s 140’ long surface reinforced this transformation of vehicular space into pedestrian space. By reaching out from the gallery interior to the urban exterior, HOT/COLD connected neighborhood spaces and residents in new ways. The table’s surface continued and transformed as it moved beyond the gallery-defined space, folding over surfaces and reaching across Tzionut street to Wadi Nisnas’ heart and the Bet HaGefen library, community center and theatre.

Partners: Ronit Eisenbach, Lead Designer - USA; Concept & Creative Director; Ohad Meyuchas, Lead Designer - Israel; Project Development & Manager; Katie Levine, Design & Fabrication; Or Shoval: Engineering & Fabrication; Design Assistance: Kevin Garzon, Austin Raimond, Heather Summers