Eisenbach led a bi-national team that designed Hot/Cold, for the Holiday of Holiday Festival in Haifa, Israel, celebrating Xmas, Chanukah and Ramadan. Hot/Cold was commissioned by Beit HaGefen, an arts and cultural organization founded in the ’60’s whose mission is to promote tolerance and build a shared society.

“Hot / Cold is an inventive invitation to a new kind of conversation - in the boiling multi-culturality of our cities. It is an original process-oriented, location-based and time-specific project, specially created for PLAY HAIFA - and is a first step in a 1.5 year long action, aiming to initiate meaningful interactions [sparked] by incidental contact within critical spots of Wadi Nisnas.” -Curator "Play Haifa", Mali Barouch

Ronit Eisenbach, Lead Designer, USA- Concept & Creative Director; Ohad Meyuchas, Lead Designer, Israel- Project Development & Manager; Katie Levine, Design & Fabrication; Or Shoval: Engineering & Fabrication; Design Assistance: Kevin Garzon, Austin Raimond, Heather Summers