Eisenbach led a bi-national team that designed Hot/Cold, for the Holiday of Holiday Festival in Haifa, Israel, celebrating Xmas, Chanukah and Ramadan. Hot/Cold was commissioned by Beit HaGefen, an arts and cultural organization founded in the ’60’s whose mission is to promote tolerance and build a shared society. The project was divided into two parts an exterior and an interior exhibit.

The exterior exhibit extended onto Tzionut Street, which separates the gallery from the Wadi and the other two Beit Hagefen buildings. HOT/COLD’s 140’ long surface reinforced this transformation of vehicular space into pedestrian space. By reaching out from the gallery interior to the urban exterior, HOT/COLD connected neighborhood spaces and residents in new ways. The table’s surface continued and transformed as it moved beyond the gallery-defined space, folding over surfaces and reaching across Zionut street to Wadi Nisnas’ heart and the Bet HaGefen library, community center and theatre.

Ronit Eisenbach, Lead Designer, USA- Concept & Creative Director; Ohad Meyuchas, Lead Designer, Israel- Project Development & Manager; Katie Levine, Design & Fabrication; Or Shoval: Engineering & Fabrication; Design Assistance: Kevin Garzon, Austin Raimond, Heather Summers