Long Branch, MD, September 2014 - May 2015

Placeholders explored what it means to seek, shape and preserve “place”. The performance affirmed the essentials of one’s sense of place in the face of transformation, in this case; the new light rail line, and reflected upon the meaning of “holding one’s place” while looking towards the future. Four performers invited passersby on a stroll to investigate spaces along Flower Avenue. Through movements and dis/placement of objects, experience of these environments were altered to reframe their use and refocus attention; yellow bamboo ladders leaned against light posts equipped; red chairs and folding tables were misplaced and misused, audio taken from other moments and places were layered into the sonic environment; a temporary mural on the parking lot suggested alternative directions for motion and territorial claims; wooden staffs marked space & shifted meaning through placement and use. Placeholders embraced this spirit of flux through its movement, sound and architectural layers.

Partners: Sharon Mansur, Dance Artist; Meredith Bove, Dancers; Curt Seiss, Composer - with contributions by Aleksandra Vrebalov; Ashley Gryzwa + Kathryn Donahue, Design Assistants; Zachary Z. Handler, Photography; David Dowling, Video; Support: University of Maryland ADVANCE Institute Interdisciplinary SEED grant, Long Branch Business League, Montgomery Housing Partnership.