During the festival, the extended surface and playful pink pipes defined human scaled space, supported games, eating, chatting, and just hanging out, creating opportunities for dialogue and building shared meaning around fun.

HOT/COLD aspired to nourish innovative, process-centered, site-based, civic-minded, and community-oriented practices of urban playability, in the context of the daily civic challenges and opportunities in contested urban spaces, specifically, the complex drama of an Israeli-Palestinian residential neighborhood.

Partners: CNC Milling: YellowCNC Thermochromic Ink provided by SFXC and imported by V-Zot Creative Products; Table text translation into Arabic: Nawal Elbani with assistance from Alla Elbani? Sophie Habib, Lameez? Commissioned by Beit Hagefen and the City of Haifa; Mali Barouch, Curator