The Making of the Holodomor Memorial Exhibit, Kibel Gallery, College Park, Maryland, February 12 -December 31, 2020

This exhibition seeks to engage design students and the public with the process of making a public memorial and to present larger, multi-disciplinary issues related to memory, loss, place, and truth. The exhibition showcases the design process and meanings of the National Holodomor Memorial located in Washington, D.C. designed by Larysa Kurylas (B.Arch ’80). The exhibition consists of three parts; first part illustrates the steps in creating the memorial via a timeline beginning with 2006 law to create the commemorative work on federal land, to the site selection, design competition, agency review, refinement of selected scheme, fabrication of sculpture, and site construction, ending with the 2015 dedication of the memorial. Design challenged and responses were especially highlighted in the timeline. The introductory section of the exhibit explains the history of man-made 1932-33 Holodomor famine in Ukraine.