The Radiant Sun: Designer Ruth Adler Schnee

Film, 2009-2013

The Radiant Sun adds Schnee's story to the growing scholarship on the American Modernist era and expands knowledge about women designers' influence on the built environment. The film explores the life and work of mid-century American designer Ruth Adler Schnee, who has been called a "Detroit treasure" and an "American legacy." Eisenbach enlisted a group of talented women designers with filmmaker Terri Sarris to co-produce the film after A Passion for Color exhibits at Kibel Gallery and the Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo.

The film has been screened at prestigious venues nationwide including The National Building Museum in Washington DC on October 17th, 2012. In 2014, The Radiant Sun was distributed to every architecture and interior design program in North America by the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation. Purchase the film here.

In collaboration with Terri Sarris