Simultaneous Presence: Sculpture at Evergreen 6

Evergreen House & Library, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Evergreen is a particular type of place—a museum, a venue for special events, and a former home. It is difficult to be “present” at Evergreen without being drawn to its singularity and multiplicity, its unity and variety. The house has a commanding presence shaped by its former occupants, their impressive library and collection of art, and their patronage of the arts.

This “simultaneous presence” of past and present, of dwelling and cultural venue, of presence and absence also is informed by those who contribute to its ongoing role as a performed place, a former and current destination for the production and consumption of culture. Sculpture at Evergreen 6: Simultaneous Presence is co-curated by Ronit Eisenbach, an artist and architect, and Jennie Fleming, an artist and cultural historian.

Partners: Jennie Fleming, Co-curator; Photographs by Will Kirk of Homewood Photography/JHU